Jesse Wallace
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TL;DR – Certified AutoBrokers will not disappoint.

My experience at Certified AutoBrokers was nothing but stellar. How much did they impress me? Why, I was so impressed that even though I couldn’t find the car I wanted through them, I was still compelled to leave this glowing review!

I dealt with plenty of dealerships but Certified AutoBrokers stood above the rest by going out of their way to help me. Even my very first interactions through their web site’s helper chat felt more like the beginning of a conversation as opposed to a lead generator (which is what *most* car dealers solely use it for).

Before I even visited the lot, Justin went to great lengths to get an idea as to what I was looking for. Their inventory reflected an expanded selection of makes and models which really allowed me to get an idea of what I wanted (and more importantly what I didn’t want). And if for some reason they don’t have what you’re looking for, they will scour other dealerships within a 500-mile radius to try to find it for you and remain in close contact while they do.

After I’d narrowed my choice down to one: a sweet Lexus RX350 (see attached picture), Justin again raised the bar on the quality of customer service by letting me take an extended test drive to really get a feel for it.

Sadly, the end of this journey was bitter-sweet. As much as I loved the last car I test drove, there was another car that I had my heart set on which they were unable to find nearby (through no fault of theirs… and Justin got *extremely* close).

It disappointed me that I was ultimately unable to buy a car through Certified AutoBrokers. However, their level of service was so good, I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who will listen. And I’ll definitely be going back when my son is looking for a car in the next few months.

Thanks guys! I may not have been able to get my car through you (this time), but you DEFINITELY *delivered*. Huge shout-out to Justin Morano. I can’t say enough about his level of customer service. Clearly.

Jesse Wallace

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