Smart AutoCare Certification


While Service Contracts and asset protection are what we do, it is our commitment to excellence that makes your experience and our reputation soar above the competition.

We believe that our customers should know they are protected by Smart AutoCare and be confident that we have their back. You’ll find exactly what you need with our wide range of coverages. In today’s dynamic market environment, our business partners enjoy the steady support of Smart AutoCare, backed by industry-leading products, specialized training, and a strong culture with authentic relationship-building at the front of mind.


  • Contract Options

We offer multiple contract options to provide the right coverage for you on any new, extended, used, certified, or wrap coverage.

  • Accepted Nationwide

Our service contracts are accepted from coast to coast. You can pick any ASE-certified repair shop of your choice.

  • Transferable and Cancelable

According to all state and lender requirements, a contract can be canceled at any time. You can also increase the resale value of your vehicle by transferring your contract when you sell your car.

  • Partner Interface

Our eRating and eContracting services make it simple for a dealer to get fast and accurate rates on all products. Additionally, creating and processing claims is more efficient than ever with our new Mobile Claims app.

  • A History of Excellence

We’ve been in the contract business since 1990. Our tenure has enabled us to provide superior products and services for your customers.

  • Industry-leading Service

You can count on us to deliver top-notch customer service by our ASE Certified Claims Adjusters. We provide live phone representatives, rapid payments on claims by credit card and access to the status of repairs at all times.


A Vehicle Service Agreement can save you a significant amount of money on auto repairs by covering repairs and replacement parts beyond the terms of a factory warranty. The Smart AutoCare Vehicle Service Program offers coverage plans ranging from basic Powertrain to Total Exclusionary, providing your vehicle with complete protection and you and your family the convenience and security of knowing your vehicle can be repaired without emptying your wallet.