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Special Offers for Seneca Niagara Employees

You work hard for Seneca Niagara, so let us reward you with exclusive offers and dedicated service just for you!

How to Redeem Your Offers:

  1. Get Started: Contact us via call, text, or by filling out the form below.
  2. Bring Your ID: Show your Seneca Niagara ID when you visit.
  3. Choose Your Vehicle: Pick your next car and hit the JACKPOT!

Exclusive Rewards:

  • FREE First Year of Oil Changes: Enjoy a year of complimentary oil changes at Certified AutoBrokers.
  • FREE Undercoating ($799 Value!): Protect your car's underbody with Ziebart’s premium undercoating services, ensuring long-lasting peace of mind.
  • FREE Rust Protection ($599 Value!): Safeguard your vehicle against rust with Ziebart’s trusted rust protection, maintaining your car’s integrity against harsh road conditions.

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