"Clear Car" Nationwide Instant Car Valuations & At-Home Offers

Experience the convenience of discovering your used car's true value from anywhere in the U.S., right from your home, with our "clear car" appraisal tool. Enter your car's make, model, year, mileage, and condition for an accurate, comprehensive valuation reflecting the latest national market trends. Ready to sell on the spot? Utilize our Instant Offer Tool for a fair, current cash offer, or opt for our at-home appraisal service where our appraisers come to you. Certified AutoBrokers makes selling or buying a car quick, fair, and convenient, now with the added benefit of at-home appraisals.

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Buying Coordinator
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Buying Coordinator

Things To Know

Trade-In Benefits: Nationwide Convenience & Savings

Enjoy the substantial advantages of trading in your car during a new purchase, now with the added convenience of at-home appraisals. Gain a state tax credit on your new purchase, reduce monthly payments, and unlock diverse financing options, all with the comfort of our nationwide, door-to-door service. We manage the entire process for you, offering a hassle-free experience. Even with outstanding payments on your current vehicle, we're here to help. At Certified AutoBrokers, your trade-in is always welcome, no matter where you are located.

Rethink Private Selling

  • Frequent calls from non-serious buyers.
  • Risks of scammers seeking personal information.
  • Security concerns with strangers test driving your vehicle.
  • Prolonged selling process with ongoing costs like taxes, loans, insurance.
  • Handling complex paperwork and post-sale liabilities.
  • Potential need for costly repairs in private sales.
  • Difficulty in achieving your desired sale price.
  • Instead, choose the simplicity and advantages of trading with Certified AutoBrokers, now offering at-home appraisals and nationwide service.

Instead, take into account the simplicity and advantages of trading with Certified AutoBrokers.

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