Most Recent Update: March 26th, 2020 As of March 26th, Auto Sales Are Essential   There are a number of restrictions in place, most notably that sales can only be conducted online or over the phone. We are uniquely equipped to do business in this manner because of our advanced online car buying platform. We have been selling cars online for years and we are very familiar with how to provide a smooth and simple online buying process.   We… Read more

Apple Carplay & Android Auto Integration

Over the past decade, we’ve seen some pretty amazing advances in phone technology come along such as smart apps, device integration, and as we’ll discuss in this article, smartphone integration with your car. What are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? If you’ve ever fumbled around with your phone while in your car (hopefully not while driving!) and had a strong intuition that there must be a better, safer and smarter way to use a phone in your car, then you… Read more

Winter Car Car Tips

Winter is the least car-friendly season of the year, and sees more accidents, car break-downs and roadside assistance calls than all the other seasons combined. As the temperature drops and the roads get slick, you’ll want to take extra special care of your car to ensure safe driving conditions and protect it from unnecessary damage from cold, snow, ice and salt this WNY winter. Follow our 10 simple winter car care tips to stay safe and warm while on the… Read more

Cheapest Car Insurance Tips

If you’re a smart shopper, you probably know that buying a car can be a tricky business. Unless you know exactly what to expect when car shopping, there’s some fine print which can turn your brand new car into a financial drain — or simply render it undrivable. And we’re talking about car insurance. Car insurance is a mandatory expense and the archenemy of meticulous monthly budgeting. It seldom goes down and can easily go up, typically skyrocketing if you’re… Read more

Review Header Image

  As a Millennial…   I am an avid online shopper. I seldom settle for something at retail value in a store when I can find a better price amongst the endless options available in huge online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.   That being said, the learning curve for online shopping is a process that involves speculation, countless return shipping labels, and simple trial and error.   Trial and error is fine when talking about sub $20 cell-phone… Read more

Certified AutoBrokers Drone Shot Of Lot

  “Our Mission is to provide our customers with a buying experience that is extraordinary, a value that is impossible to beat, with a setting both online and in person that is second to none.”     Buying Process – Non-confrontational, stress-free, customer focused. Certified – The best possible price on a vehicle that is 100% ready for sale. CERTIFIED means something to us. It means we put our name on every car and every car is put through the… Read more

Cargurus Top Rated Certified Dealer

Buffalo, New York – CarGurus, a leading consumer automotive car shopping website, today announced it has named Certified AutoBrokers a “2017 CarGurus Top Rated Dealer.” The annual CarGurus Top Rated Dealer awards are presented to a select group of car dealerships that have received the highest average ratings from shoppers who have submitted dealership reviews on the CarGurus platform. CarGurus uses shoppers’ dealership ratings as well as comprehensive valuation analytics to help shoppers search their local marketplace and find great car… Read more