Cheapest Car Insurance Tips

If you’re a smart shopper, you probably know that buying a car can be a tricky business. Unless you know exactly what to expect when car shopping, there’s some fine print which can turn your brand new car into a financial drain — or simply render it undrivable. And we’re talking about car insurance. Car insurance is a mandatory expense and the archenemy of meticulous monthly budgeting. It seldom goes down and can easily go up, typically skyrocketing if you’re… Read more

Thumbs Up Driver

Did you know that the moment you drive your brand new car off the lot, it has instantly lost value? Putting a single mile on your brand new car’s odometer means that it’s no longer new — and it is officially a used car. The idea of buying a brand new car is naturally appealing. You are the first person to own the car and it’s in factory condition. But what’s not appealing is the cost of a brand new… Read more

Buying A Car For Smart Reasons

Certified AutoBrokers is an independent used car dealer that believes in the value of Certified pre-owned vehicles. The importance of quality when purchasing a used vehicle is, the cornerstone of what separates our inventory from the rest of the industry. If you are struggling with the debate between buying pre-owned, or new, this is the article to help you make the right choice. Read on to find out why buying one of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles is the right choice… Read more