Certified Pre-Owned Cars: Maximizing Value, Quality, and Peace of Mind

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Did you know that the moment you drive your brand new car off the lot, it has instantly lost value? Putting a single mile on your brand new car’s odometer means that it’s no longer new — and it is officially a used car.

The idea of buying a brand new car is naturally appealing. You are the first person to own the car and it’s in factory condition. But what’s not appealing is the cost of a brand new car. The sticker price of that car you’ve always dreamed of is enough to keep you dreaming because a lot of what you’re paying for is actually the new car feel. When you start to consider the costs of a brand new vehicle and the costs of high quality used vehicles, you may begin to ask yourself if the brand new car feel is really worth the price.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars are Not Your Average Pre-Owned

Buying a used car from a private party and buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from a certified dealership are two completely different things. When you buy a certified pre-owned car, you’re getting a car that has passed a multi-point inspection in accordance with the standards of the vehicle’s manufacturer — and much more.

Multi-Point Inspection

A multi-point inspection can involve anywhere from 100 to 200 individual item checks — and a car must pass every single one to be qualified for the CPO program. When something isn’t up to the manufacturer’s standards, that item must be reconditioned or replaced and inspected again until it’s qualified. By the time a CPO vehicle goes on sale, it has successfully passed every single inspection necessary to be qualified for the manufacturer’s CPO program.

Warranty Protection

When you buy a CPO car that has passed a multi-point inspection and is NIADA certified, you’ll also reap the benefits of a warranty program similar to that of owning a new car. Many CPO programs actually extend the vehicle’s original warranty and allow you to get warranty repairs at their licensed dealership service centers. Depending on the warranty offered by the vehicle’s CPO program, you may receive an extended warranty period or protection based on conditions such as a specific time period or number of miles.

Buying a certified pre-owned car covered by a manufacturer warranty offers additional benefits to an already great deal. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will be extra sure that the car is in great shape before going on sale — because they’ll be responsible for any repair costs covered under the warranty.

CPO’s are Typically Well-Maintained Cars to Begin With

Because the standards of manufacturer CPO programs are so strict, you’ll often find that cars eligible for qualification are reliable vehicles to begin with. In many cases, looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle will lead you to relatively new, low mileage used cars. This includes late models and cars with clean history reports on top of a manufacturer-certified multi-point inspection. If a car has a collision in its history, it is very unlikely to qualify for the CPO program.

Roadside Assistance

Depending on the manufacturer of your CPO vehicle, your warranty may also include 24-hour roadside assistance in case you every run out of gas or have any other car-related issues that require immediate assistance. This type of additional benefit usually comes with an extended warranty and is valid alongside your warranty period for repairs and other coverage offered by the manufacturer.

Low-Interest Financing for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

CPO vehicles typically offer low-interest financing, similar to that of new cars. This can make financing a car more affordable and align with your budget without having to settle for a less expensive—and lesser quality—vehicle. When you consider that CPO’s are genuinely high quality used vehicles, it only makes sense to go for an investment that doesn’t break the bank and offers the most benefits possible. Some CPO programs even come with the opportunity for a one-time vehicle swap within the conditions of the program, in case you change your mind. Try getting that deal with a non-certified pre-owned car.

There’s a reason that CPO vehicles cost slightly more than their non-certified counterparts — and that’s because they’re just better cars.

The Nuts and Bolts

If your goal is to save money in the long run, buying a non-certified car over a certified car of the same model in order to save a few bucks will probably end up costing you even more down the road. Not only are you unlikely to get any extended warranty coverage or other features unique to CPO’s, it’s hard to truly attest to the quality of a vehicle that hasn’t gone through a multi-point inspection and passed every single test with flying colors. Sure, the mileage of your non-CPO might be good, the price is right and everything seems well enough, but without CPO qualification, that car may be more trouble than it’s worth — and you won’t have a CPO warranty to come to your rescue. Simply put, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a smart buy. When you think about the alternatives, such as buying a brand new car, which is guaranteed to cost much more at questionable value, and buying a non-CPO, which is a gamble at best and a liability at worst, both come with disadvantages that make buying a certified pre-owned car that much more appealing. Visit us at Grand Island auto sales to browse our inventory of amazing certified pre-owned vehicles and get the most out of your new car today.

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