Salvage Title Cars

Shopping for a used car may uncover a deal that seems too good to be true. If that’s the case, your intuition probably serves your right. The used car industry is chock-full of vehicles with salvage titles — which should be approached with extreme caution, if at all. What’s a Salvage Title? In the simplest terms, a salvage title is a car that’s been severely damaged, rebuilt, and returned to driveable condition. If this raises some red flags for you,… Read more

Service Shop Cars On Lot Blurred

When was the last time you looked at your expenses and considered ‘future car repairs’ as something you want to save up for? After all, saving money should give you something to look forward to — not become an investment in your own misfortune. Nobody wants to save up for their car to break down. It’s usually something that just happens, and when it does, we’re often left to make our financial ends meet on the spot. All vehicles reach… Read more